Our policies for COVID-19 management are subject to change as the local COVID-19 situation evolves. If you have an upcoming appointment, please do check any appointment reminders you receive via email or SMS for any recent updates that may replace the information on this page.

As a health service provider, a high level of COVID-19 risk management is a mandatory requirement at our practice.  Our current policies include some additional measures to ensure a higher level of protection for the large proportion of our clients who are under 12 years old and have not yet had the opportunity to get the three vaccination doses recommended by health experts.


The measures currently in place are detailed below (last updated on 12th of April 2022).  We greatly appreciate your understanding. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding how our policies apply to your specific circumstances.


Attendance at our Percy Street practice will only be available to:

  • Fully vaccinated clients with a scheduled appointment.
  • Unvaccinated clients under 12 years of age with a scheduled appointment.
  • ONE fully vaccinated family member or carer who is accompanying a client under 18 years of age to their appointment. (Other persons wishing to be involved may participate via Zoom.)
  • Babies under 12 months of age (but no other siblings or children of clients).
  • Clients unable to be vaccinated, with a documented medical exemption. Please contact the practice in advance of your appointment to discuss your individual circumstances.


Proof of vaccination status:

  • You will be asked to show your Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate upon entering the practice
  • If preferred, a copy of the certificate may be emailed to our admin team to be saved on your file (admin@hobartadhd.com.au).


Procedures upon arrival at the practice:

  • You will be asked to remain outside (in your car or on the small number of seats provided outside) until you receive a text letting you know your practitioner is ready for your appointment
  • Please sanitize your hands, check-in with a member of our team at reception, and show proof of vaccination if not on file
  • The wearing of masks by all people 12 years and older is mandatory, as is the case for all health settings


Attendance via Telehealth (Zoom or phone):

  • You may elect to conduct appointments via Telehealth. To let us know, reply 'Change to Telehealth' when you receive the appointment reminder text, or contact the practice
  • You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation via text and email
  • Clients aged 12 years and over who are unable to provide a copy of their Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate, or have chosen not to be vaccinated at this time, may continue to attend their appointments via Telehealth


Appointments if unwell:

  • We ask that no one attend the practice if they are currently experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms (even if a COVID test has returned a negative result)
  • For clients of all ages, if you are unwell, we will convert your appointment to Telehealth. If you do not wish to proceed, the $110 cancellation fee will apply if your cancellation is occurring within two business days of your appointment
  • If your practitioner is mildly unwell and working from home as a precaution, they may convert your appointment to Telehealth by sending you a text message asking you to reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No' to confirm the change. No cancellation fee will apply if you choose not to proceed with the appointment via Telehealth in this case