occupational therapy services

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Unfortunately we do not have capacity to provide occupational services at the moment.  You are welcome to email us with your contact details so that we can let you know when these services become available again. Send your email to admin@hobartadhd.com.au

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Occupational Therapy Services

Treatment services with our occupational therapist are currently offered as brief interventions (typically limited to around eight sessions).  Children and adolescents (with or without ADHD) may access these services individually, or in small groups for some services.   Areas of treatment focus may include:

• Sleep

• Self-care and toileting

• Sensory processing

• Picky eating

• Feeding and oral motor skills

• Fine and gross motor skills

• Balance and coordination

• Handwriting and/or typing

• School skills and participation

• Social skills

• Self-regulation, including emotion regulation and executive functioning skills

• Safety in the home and community


Our occupational therapist can also provide standardised assessment processes for:

• Postural and motor delay screening

• Handwriting

• Sensory processing

• Self-care capacity/delay screening


Unfortunately we are not currently able to assist with:

• Equipment prescription and complex home modifications for physical disability

• Support for children with moderate to severe intellectual disability

• Support for children who are or children who are unable to safely tolerate being in a clinical space for 30-60 minutes. Parent consults may be available to support with home-based interventions however.

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