The fees listed on this page are in effect from 1st July 2023, however may be subject to change. Information regarding funding/rebates provided on this for page is for general guidance only. We recommend contacting Medicare, NDIS or your private health insurance provider to confirm your access to funding based on your personal circumstances.

ADHD Services

The fee for our 'Supporting and coaching your child with ADHD' program is $450.  This fee includes attendance at two three-hour workshops, and six months access to supporting online materials.  The fee for a second parent/carer to attend the workshops is $100 (if attending the same workshop as the first parent/carer from their household, and if sharing a log-in to access the online content). 

The fees for our ADHD services delivered to individuals are listed in the below table, along with Medicare rebates that are accessible with a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, or via a referral letter from your psychiatrist or paediatrician.

If we have a copy of your plan or referral on the day of your appointment, we are able to process a rebate on your behalf following your attendance.  There are two tiers of rebates, with a higher rebate becoming available after your out-of-pocket expenses during a calendar year pass your Medicare Safety Net threshold. 

Service Fee Medicare rebate Out of pocket expense Medicare rebate Out of pocket expense

ADHD and clinical assessment session with a General Psychologist (50 mins)*

$260 $92.90 $167.10  $226.58 $33.42

ADHD and clinical assessment session with a Clinical Psychologist (50 mins)*

$300 $136.50 $163.50 $266.50 $33.50

Individual psychological treatment session with a General Psychologist (50 mins)

$210 $92.90 $117.10 $186.58 $23.42

Individual psychological treatment session with a Clinical Psychologist (50 mins)

$250 $136.35 $113.65 $227.27 $22.73

*A clinical assessment will typically require three 50-minute sessions if ADHD is suspected.  Should the assessment take longer, subsequent sessions are charged at the same rate as treatment sessions. 

A Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly called an Enhanced Care Plan) may also be obtained from your GP and enable Medicare rebates for services delivered to individuals, however the number of rebates and the amount per rebate accessible under this plan is substantially less than for a Mental Health Care Plan.  Further information about Medicare rebates and the Medicare Safety Net can be found here -

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Private health insurance rebates may be accessible and information about this should be sought from your insurer.  Should you require item numbers when making enquiries with your insurer, the item numbers for individual sessions are '200', 'I04', 'S04' or '300'.  Item numbers for group sessions are '400' or 'F57'. Please note that private health insurance rebates are not typically available for psychological services when a Medicare rebate has already been accessed.

NDIS funding may be utlised for ADHD services (delivered to individuals or groups) by individuals with self-managed funding, or with approval with plan-managed funding.  The NDIS Consultation fee for an individual session is $234.83.

Services for Professionals

Fees for any services for professionals can be quoted once we have been able to discuss your needs. Please get in touch via our contact form to get started.